A Peek into Zoe Albright’s Extraordinary World

This summer I decided to explore a new-to-me writing venue–Radish Fiction. An online publishing platform for serialized fiction. I wrote and uploaded two episodes per week for several months straight. I launched THe ASSASSIN’S PRODIGY (a coming-of-age genre-bender) on July 6th and published my last episode tonight (11/13!) It was a wild (and sometimes nail biting) ride. I learned a lot about myself as a writer and I also discovered a deep love of fast-paced romantic adventure where every episode played in my head like a scene from a cable series. THE ASSASSIN’S PRODIGY is exclusive to Radish for the next year. Read more about serials and Radish¬†here¬†on my website (also included: another story excert!)

Now that all episodes have been uploaded, you can binge read the entire story by downloading the Radish app to your phone or any android device! Check back for updates regarding wider distribution digitally and in print.

To celebrate the completion of this story of my heart, I’m sharing the first episode below. More